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Dance Studio Teaching Methods

Discover Our Effective Teaching Methods

Embarking on your journey to learn how to dance at Arthur Murray Dance Studio promises to be a remarkable and enjoyable experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. With over 100 years of teaching expertise, the Arthur Murray Organization guarantees you access to the finest dance instruction available today. Through our comprehensive three-tiered approach to instruction, encompassing private lessons, group sessions, and practice sessions, you’ll achieve proficiency as a social dancer in record time.

Individualized Dance Lessons

Individual dance lessons are the key to rapid and effective learning.

During your personalized one-on-one lessons, you’ll receive tailored instruction designed to help you reach your dancing goals swiftly and effortlessly. Your instructor will dedicate the necessary time to focus on technique, styling, and overall dance enhancement. Additionally, your progress will be meticulously documented as part of your instruction. You won’t be affected by another student’s learning pace or their dance preferences. Instead, you’ll learn at your own pace with your instructor, mastering the dances of your choice!

Group Dance Classes and Social Gatherings

Our group dance classes complement your private dance instruction. Joining our group classes allows you to dance with diverse instructors and fellow students, enhancing your learning experience.

Group lessons serve as a valuable supplement to your private lessons. They provide you with the opportunity to dance alongside various partners, cultivate sound dance techniques, and interact with other students within the studio. In group classes, we place a strong emphasis on leading, following, and exploring different dance patterns. Dancing the same patterns with different partners aids in reinforcing your memory of them.

Group lessons cater to various dances and skill levels. You will always find yourself dancing with students who share your level of expertise. Please note that you are never obliged to dance with individuals other than your partner, as our primary goal is to help you become proficient in dancing with your chosen partner. At Arthur Murray, we never charge for your practice sessions with us, and being single is never a disadvantage!

Practice Dance Parties

For all our students, we host regular dance parties, also known as practice sessions, on a weekly basis. These gatherings provide an enjoyable opportunity for you to dance alongside instructors and fellow students in a relaxed and comfortable setting. It’s the perfect chance to practice and apply the new dance skills you’ve acquired through your Personal Dance Lessons, Group Lessons, and Dance Classes. Please refer to the studio calendars to find the schedule for practice parties at your specific studio.

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